Servebetter operates in two main entities, i.e NGO Development and Community Advancement The diagram illustrates the modes in which these two entities function. Given below is also a brief explanation of each one of the initiatives under both entities.


Capacity Building

Certificate Programme- Servebetter provides a certificate programme; NGO Management Certificate Programme(NMCP) which is a 12 day programme done in collaboration with our partners NMAS. This certificate programme covers areas such as Sustainable Development: Concepts and Perspectives , Results-Based Management and Project Cycle Management, Fundraising and Communication, Leadership Development and Human Resource Management.

In-house Trainings- Servebetter also conducts in-house training for organisations as and when needed mainly covering the areas of Strategic Fundraising, Writing Project Papers and Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies.


Servebetter provides consultancy services to NGOs on Project Planning, Project Evaluation and Writing Grand Proposals. The organisations involved are given relevant guidance to enable them to achieve the desired goals.

Programmes For Schools

Teachers- Servebetter has developed a programme called Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Classroom (HOTS) to provide practising teachers with the knowledge and competencies to incorporate the development of students‟ thinking skills through their lessons.

Students- Servebetter has also developed a programme called Thinking Skills via English Language Teaching (TiSELT).. This programme is aimed at developing schildren‟s thinking skills via English Language which is intended to enhance their language competencies, thinking skills and interest and motivation to excel academically.


CSR activities by Corporate Organisation is becoming increasingly prominent. Some companies may lack in terms of expertise to run their desired programmes. As such, Servebetter also provides expertise, consultation and services for corporate companies seeking to do CSR programmes for Community Advancement.