The Servebetter team consists of leaders with broad ranging experience in their professional careers, as well as leadership roles in various national level NGOs in Malaysia. Ranging from corporate and financial advisory, education, manufacturing, marketing and IT – our team members are all leading personalities within their respective industries. We are individuals who have formed a union that is well bonded by our shared inspiration to transform the way in which social organisations function, such that we are able to facilitate enhanced delivery of their social services for the betterment of their communities. Servebetter believes in engaging professionals of high credibility to conduct training programmes and provide consultancy services to all areas of NGO management. These individuals possess expertise and experience in the fields they deal with.


M Arrasu

M Arrasu is the Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Quantum Consulting Services. M Arrasu is a Business (Accounting Major) graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. He also holds a law degree from the University of London and is a Company Secretary licensed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). M Arrasu was formerly the Head of Business Advisory Services of Deloitte (Malaysia Office), the local member firm of Deloitte, one of the global “Big 4” professional firms. M Arrasu is one of the most experienced consultants in the country in this area of business, having advised more than 400 multinational companies in Malaysia.

M Arrasu has always taken a keen interest in community development and he has rendered his services via a number of NGOs such as Atmah Foundation and the Educational Research and Welfare Foundation. The past few years has seen him deeply exploring the concept of Social Enterprise and the benefits it could bring to the society. This passion had driven M Arrasu to start of his very own Social Enterprise called Servebetter with a number of good friends.

SP Nathan
Executive Director

SP Nathan holds a law degree awarded by the University of London and a MBA from University of Wales. He is currently the Assistant General Manager of a Multi-National Company. From his days in school, SP Nathan had always taken a keen interest in the well-being of the community particularly children in want of resources to pursue formal education. He was an active Rotaractor during his youth and extended his services in many meaningful ways.

SP Nathan, had always had a deep desire to explore pathways for social cause organizations find better ways to achieve their objectives and maintain sustainability. He engaged himself with various NGOs, providing them support and services in reaching out to the needy. Currently he is the Deputy President of the Educational Welfare and Research Foundation, an NGO dedicated to helping academically and socially challenged students develop relevant competencies to attain financial sustainability. His experience in managing a Multi-National Company and involvement in various NGOs has provided him with the skills and competencies needed to steer NGOs achieve their objectives. SP Nathan is a strong advocate of the Social Enterprise idea. He believes that profit based organizations can also have social causes embedded in their missions to bring about a positive change to the overall development of a nation. He believes that all business organisations can adopt the idea of social enterprise which is a hybrid of business and social causes and yet be able to achieve business, financial and social sustainability. Hence his drive to support the birth of Servebetter.

Nantha Kumar Vaithilingam

Nantha is an accomplished branding and marketing communications professional, with broad ranging practice experience in the advertising and creative industry, spanning over 23 years, where he has held senior leadership roles in several home-grown advertising agencies.

Upon completing his tertiary education, with the M.Sc in International Marketing from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, UK, he commenced his career in advertising in January 1991. He was chief executive at two leading Malaysian advertising agencies. As an advertising professional, Nantha has worked with a diverse range of clients, to develop and nurture their brands to attain and maintain market leadership positions.

Between 2006 and 2011, Nantha also served in the Malaysian 4As Council, where he chaired the “Brand Leadership Series”, which is a programme determined to enhance knowledge management amongst professionals and practitioners from the Malaysian marketing communications industry.

Currently, he counsels a select panel of clients on strategic planning and implementation of marketing communications programmes. Aside from his professional practice, Nantha has been actively involved in NGO movements, particularly those with an emphasis on augmentation of education and living skills opportunities for children from underprivileged communities. Between 2001 and 2011, he played leadership roles with the ATMAH Foundation. Since 2012, he has also been keenly involved in the social enterprise, which he believes to be a most relevant approach to re-build societies. He is director in 2 start-ups, including Spirit of Endeavour and Servebetter.


Mr Uday Thakkar
Managing Director
Red Ochre, UK

Uday is a Chartered Accountant by training but is an entrepreneur by inclination. He has started and/or managed over 5 commercial enterprises, one charity and two social enterprises. At the same time Uday acted as an enterprise support specialist for over 30 years with an emphasis on the social economy sector for the last 16 years.

Uday is a well known proponent of social enterprise, charity sustainability and income diversification in the UK and writes, speaks and runs workshops on social economy related subjects as well as enterprise skills nationally. The social enterprise consultancy that he manages is on the panel of the majority of social economy membership and umbrella organisations in the UK as a specialist consultant and trainer. This includes Social Enterprise UK and the British Council. Red Ochre has frequently been contracted to advice, research and deliver support on social enterprise and sustainability for UK government departments as well as local and regional authorities. In recent years he and others in the Red Ochre team have delivered workshops and spoken at conferences across Europe, Asia and Africa on social enterprise.

Uday specialises in strategy, finance, fundraising, management and leadership skills and governance. Uday is the winner of a UK wide social enterprise mentoring award and sits on numerous social enterprise award panels. He is also a trustee of a number of charities in the health, arts and charity infrastructure sectors.

Dato’ Satinah Syed Salleh
Managing Director
Alpha Alsagoff Edu Sdn Bhd

Dato‟ Satinah Syed Saleh started her working career as a teacher in 1977 at La Salle Secondary School in Petaling Jaya. She has a wealth of broad based experience as a teacher and lecturer for 17 years; as Assistant Director/Assistant Secretary/Deputy Director and Director for 18 years, having held positions at the Educational Planning and Research Division (EPRD); the International Relations Division; Policy and Planning Unit at Private Education Department at the Ministry of Education; Principal Assistant Director at the Department of Polytechnic and Community Colleges; Director of Malaysian Students Department New Zealand (MSD) at the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE); the Deputy Director of Institute of Teacher Education for International Languages, and finally prior to her retirement in October 2010 as the Director of Private Education Department, Ministry of Education Malaysia. She also served as a Special Officer to the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia at the Prime Minister‟s Department in 2004/2005.

She was the Deputy Lab Leader (Education) for the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) Lab for eight weeks in 2010. In 2012 she was appointed (on contract) as the Head of the Project Management Office (Phase I) by the Ministry of Education Malaysia for the Review of the Malaysia Education System which produced the „Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025‟. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Sociology; Diploma in Education, both from University of Malaya; and Master of Science degree (1993) in Information and Library Studies from Loughborough University,United Kingdom. She also has a Certificate in Educational Policy Analysis and Planning (1996) from Harvard University, USA; and a Certificate in Project Management in Producing Results (2005) from the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra.

She is currently the Education Advisor to Khazanah Nasional Berhad; Independent Director to REAL Education Group; and Advisor to Sayfol Education Group. She is the founder and Managing Director for Alpha Alsagoff Edu Sdn Bhd, a consulting and advisory services provider for education in Malaysia, a company she set up in January 2011, subsequent to her retirement from the Government Service.

She is the Deputy President of the Malaysia Education Association (MEA) and the Malaysian Children Aid Society (MACAS); and a Committee Member for the Malaysia Society for Educational Administration and Management (MSEAM). She is actively involved in contributing views and ideas in many education related initiatives such as the “Giving Voice to the Poor project” undertaken by IDEAS (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs); participating in education conferences as paper presenter and moderator; participating in consulting through teleconferencing; and attending round table sessions on many critical education related issues.

En Wan Saiful Wan Jan
IDEAS, Malaysia

Wan Saiful Wan Jan is Chief Executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (www.ideas.org.my), which was ranked as the 2012 best new think tank in Asia and 5th best new think tank in the world by University of Pennsylvania’s global think tank ranking. He is also a director of CfBT Education Malaysia, and chairman of the Board of Governors at IDEAS Autism Centre. He lived in the United Kingdom between August 1993 and October 2009. There he worked for several organisations, including the think tank Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit, the British Conservative Party‟s Research Department, and Social Enterprise London. His opinion has been quoted by various media,including the BBC, Asian Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, and The Economist.

Dr Selvamalar Ayadurai
TECH Outreach

Dr. Selvamalar Ayadurai is a Social Entrepreneur with TECH Outreach, a non-profit non-governmental organization based in Malaysia. Her focus is in creating self-sustainable communities through micro-credit financing based on the Grameen Model by Professor Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate of Bangladesh. TECH Outreach‟s 2010/2011 projects include developing UNHCR Women refugees, Single Mothers, Women in Crisis and the IDPs of Sri Lanka. Dr. Selvamalar is a Consultant Trainer with CB Consultancy & Training and a Lecturer with the University of Newcastle, Singapore. She has been involved in development work in Sri Lanka, particular in the development of women entrepreneurship in North East Sri Lanka since 2003. She has in the past worked with UNDP and the ILO based in Sri Lanka in initiating entrepreneurial ventures and entrepreneurship training for the women of the North East. Her Research Paper on Profile of Women Entrepreneurs in a War-Torn Area: Case Study of North East Sri Lanka won The Excellence In Research Award for the Outstanding Paper Addressing Issues In Entrepreneurship Under Conditions of Adversity at the 2005 50th World Conference of ICSB Washington D.C. in July 2005. She is at present working on a research paper titled Challenges faced by UNHCR Women Refugees in Malaysia in initiating Entrepeneurial Ventures.

Dr Chitra Shegar
Assistant Professor
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Dr Chitra Shegar completed her PhD in the University of Western Australia. During her stint there, she conducted seminars and summer courses in the University of Western Australia and served as a language consultant.

In Singapore, she has taught in secondary and tertiary institutions. She has also conducted inservice teacher training courses in RELC for 5 years. The courses taught included Reading, Writing and Grammar.

As a language consultant she conducted workshops and seminars for language teachers and parents in Singapore. In addition, enrichment programmes were also carried out for students as part of her language consultancy projects. She has also presented papers and conducted workshops in several international conferences.

Dr Chitra Shegar is currently with the English Language & Literature Academic Group at National Institute of Education, Singapore.

Ms Sheela Chandran
Chief Executive Officer
Starfire Talent Development

Ms. Sheela Chandran is an accomplished trainer and has been in the Corporate Arena for over 30 years. Her experience is specifically the areas of Customer Service, Business Practices and Human Resources arena. She has worked with General Electric International Inc. for 20 years and has held many roles within the organization. Sheela is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and was Instrumental in the development and implementation of strategic HR projects within GE. Sheela‟s field of training expertise is in Essential Leadership Skills, Effective Coaching Skills , Presentation Skills , Managing Teams, LEAN Six Sigma Processes, Change Accleration Programme, Effective Communication Skills, Team Building and Facilitation Skills. Sheela is also a certified Behavioural and Career Consultant and Profiler, certified Master NLP Practitioner and certfied facilitator of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Currently working to complete a Professional Diploma in Management from The University of Victoria, Canada.

Sheela has facilitated at various corporations and various organizations such as, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, HELP College, University Malaya, University Sains Malaysia, UiTM, Talent2 Inc, General Electric International Inc, GE Engine Services Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines Bhd, World Airways Bhd, American Chamber of Commerce – Education and Sime Darby Group Maxis, Mayban, Alliance Bank, STAR, BBraun and many more organizations, where participants have reaped great successes in terms of increasing sales, improving relationships in organisations and home, achieving promotions in career, attaining a higher sense of achievement and a great level of inner peace while eliminating stress from themselves. Sheela is also a frequent guest speaker on BFM Radio (89.9FM) “Raise Your Game – The Science of Leadership.” and from time to time writes for My StarJobs.Com in The Star newspapers. Sheela has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and has been a panel member on various events with emphasis on Communication skills and Leadership Development.

Mr Gopi Ganesalingam
Group Managing Director
Lava Protocols, Malaysia

Gopi Ganesalingam is the Founder and Group Managing Director of Lava Protocols, the region’s leading Cloud Computing Consulting and Solutions Aggregation Company, simply called Cloud Architects.

An accomplished business strategist with over 25 years of experience in the finance, telecommunication and software industries across Asia Pacific, Gopi is an expert in complex contract negotiations, developing business transformation strategies, as well as steering business development and operational efficiencies.

He has held key industry positions including Country Manager for Deutsche Telecoms Consulting, Commercial Head (Asia Pacific) for Telstra NDC Australia Ltd, Senior Manager at Lucent Technologies Asia Pacific, and Senior Financial and Reporting Analyst at American Express International. At Lava Protocols, Gopi builds on cloud computing‟s powerful potential, to help Corporate Malaysia enhance business performance and to increase technology‟s accessibility for consumers – to what is called today as Business Transformation.

Mr Lim Kheng Joo

Lim Kheng Joo holds a Master degree in Development Management from the prestigious Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Economics) degree from the Universiti Malaya and
also a post-graduate Diploma in Management Science from the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Malaysia. Mr Lim is also a Certified Professional Trainer and an Accredited Competency

With more than 40 years of working experience in both public and private sectors, he brings with him a wealth of experience gathered from various consulting and training assignments in strategic planning, performance
management, competency management, human capital capability development, productivity improvement and quality management. Currently, Mr Lim is an
independent Training Facilitator/Consultant associated with Centre for Development & Research in Evaluation (CeDRE) International. He specialises in Integrated Results-based Management (IRBM) and Integrated
Results-based Monitoring & Evaluation (IRBM&E). He has provided training and consulting services on Outcome-based Budgeting (a variant of IRBM) to the Malaysian public sector agencies; both IRBM and IRBM&E to the Islamic Financial Services Board. He also involved in UNICEF Malaysia‟s capacity building programme on “Fundamentals of IRBM&E for NGOs” in Malaysia. His overseas assignments on IRBM includes missions to Vietnam, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. In total, he has trained more than 50,000 participants from the public and private sectors as well as from Civil Society organisations.

Mr Lim is an ordinary members of professional organizations such as the UK-based International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) and the
PPTD Alumni. He is a two-term President of the Malaysian Evaluation Society from 2012-2014. In recognition of his service to the nation while serving in the Malaysian Civil Service, Mr Lim was awarded the Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) award by the Federal Government of Malaysia in 1994.