Our Partners

To fulfil these notions Servebetter has indulged in a joint venture with NGO Management Association of Switzerland (NMAS) to design and provide effective training for NGO Managers and Staff. The NMAS is an independent non-profit association registered as an NGO in Switzerland (reg. no. CH-550-1055048-2) and based in Geneva. It was set up in 2001 by a group of professionals working in the humanitarian sector in Geneva, Switzerland. The starting point of this association was to help NGOs in improving their management capacity and performance by making available free management tools and key articles on NGO management. In 2007, in response to a growing demand by NGOs and individuals for training in NGO management and organisational development, the NGO management School was set up as a non-profit department of the NMAS. Test courses were conducted in 2007, and the first public courses were held in 2009. NMAS has a team of management specialists and practitioners who are working in the fields of development, environment, humanitarian aid and education. To date, the NMAS has conducted courses and consultancy in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Burkina Faso, the Philippines, the UAE, USA, Zambia, Egypt and Switzerland. Two of Servebetter‟s directors have also attended a 5 day programme on NGO Management Training conducted by NMAS in 2012.

Servebetter also works with Red Ochre, UK to accomplish some of its objectives. Red Ochre is a social enterprise with a mission to improve the performance of individuals, organisations and businesses that deliver social change. Red Ochre‟s social purpose and objectives are central to what they do and how they do it. They work with individuals and organisations that deliver social change and have compatible values. Red Ochre works to support organisations delivering social change across the UK and worldwide. The team has a wide range of expertise and experience in financial, managerial and technical fields. They are professionals with complementary skill sets gained in a number of commercial, social and not-for-profit sectors. They also work with a number of specialist consultants and agencies to ensure clients have access to the best knowledge and talent.

Teamcoach International is another organisation that Servebetter works closely with in providing training and Capacity Building for NGOs and other factions of the community such as educators, to enhance their professional development. Teamcoach International is committed to becoming the preferred training and coaching partner to help organizations and individuals improve leadership and team qualities that supports their human capability development initiatives towards achieving sustained excellence.

Specializing in leadership and team related facilitation, training and coaching services for more than 20 years, they are passionate about helping organizations and individuals achieve exceptional level of inspired performance that are results driven. Teamcoach International’s custom-designed programmes are unique, interactive, engaging, effective and fun. All programmes are participant-centric, which sets things in motion for transformational change. Teamcoach International‟s programmes have been delivered in Malaysia and numerous countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Bangladesh.