Empowering Social Development through enterprise

Servebetter is dedicated to supporting and facilitating the use of enterprise to empower individuals and NGOs that aspire to achieve social development goals aimed at cultivating a higher quality of life for their communities.


Business organisations around the world are driven to optimise their limited resources to achieve well defined business goals for the betterment of their business organisation, staff and shareholders. Similarly, such a philosophy that drives enterprise, will benefit organisations dedicated to social development and welfare goals. This has inspired us and instilled in us empathy and keen interest to guide our clients towards escalating their service delivery as NGOs, through efficient management and monitoring skills. This will enable them to better achieve the important social service obligations that they have set out to deliver. Servebetter is committed to providing a platform which provides guidance, training and consultancy to our clients, both, from the strategic perspective as well as at the operational level.

Servebetter’s initiatives are as follows:

  • Provide skills enhancing training in the form of management courses.
  • Provide consultancy services related to Management of NGOs
  • Formulate and implement social change programmes
  • Facilitating social enterprise projects with reviews, seed funding advisory.
  • Planning and conducting research to assess, evaluate and improve NGO performance in Malaysia and other regions.


Since its inception, Servebetter has conducted a number of Consultancy Services and is in the midst of carrying out a nationwide Survey Research entitled “Management Competencies among NGO Staff In Malaysia”. Servebetter has also taken the initiative to provide NGO Management Courses to NGO Managers and staff in view of its primary focus which is to enhance management skills and competencies among NGO managers and staff. In July 2013 Servebetter had organised a 3 Day Project management Workshop for NGO Staff as a joint venture with NMAS. In April this year Servebetter had conducted a 1 Day Training Workshop on Good Governance and Strategic Fundraising. At the moment Servebetter is developing a Capacity Building Programme for Educators in Higher Order Thinking Skills(HOTS) in the Classroom. Servebetter is also developing a programme for students called Thinking Skills vis English Language Teaching, TiSELT.

Our Mission

A social enterprise dedicated to capacity building of organisations involved in social change for societal development.

Our Vision

Dynamic civil society intervention towards a productive social community